Between centers

Series of wooden furniture developed from its production system: woodturning between centers.

The collection includes a stool, a banquette and a table; available in maple wood and black-dyed birch wood.

Woodturning consists in using a lathe to create revolution shapes. This process produces a ‘signs’ on the extreme of each piece created by the ‘drive centre’ and ‘dead centre’, which press the piece of wood to rotate it. Woodworkers usually remove these signs.
Keeping those signs and using it as symbols, the designer generates a link to tell the life of the object inside the factory.
Also the symbols are the evidence that these pieces are made, one by one, with a lathe.

'Between centers' was presented at Zona Ventosa
20th - 28th October
Occasional collective, Temporary Art Centre
Vonderweg 1. 5611 BK
The Netherlands. centers__2.jpg centers__3.jpg centers__6.jpg centers__19.jpg centers__17.jpg centers__16.jpg centers__13.jpg centers__14.jpg centers_12.jpg centers__15.jpg centers__5.jpg centers__4.jpg centers__21.jpg centers__9.jpg centers__1.jpg centers__8.jpg centers__10.jpg centers__7.jpg centers__25.jpg centers__24.jpg centers__23.jpg